Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Short Ride to Devarayanadurga

We made a quick trip to Devarayandurga in the month of March, we left by 7 AM and we were back by 2:30 PM. Its hardly 70 kms from Bangalore

Route: Bangalore - Nelamangala - Dobbaspetta (Take right, dont take the fly over) - Devarayanadurga

While coming back we took the NICE road for fun which made the trip quicker while coming back ;)

There was some Brahma rathotsava going so it was crowded but was good.

                                                                     Main Temple                                                        
Colorful Ratha

So much to eat
So much to eat [Adding Color] :D

Lone Tree

The Road

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year Ride

Happy New Year to All :-)

What a start to the year, partying till 3 AM and riding 220 KMS to see nothing but still enjoying every bit of it.

The plan was to visit the unheard Dumuku Rallu / Kiagal water falls in Chittor district.  This place is around 125 kms from Bangalore.

Route : Bangalore - Hoskote - Kolar - Mulbagal - Head towards Palamaner (Its around 25 kms from Mulbagal)

The plan was to leave around 9 or 10 AM and join my family members at Mulbagal who were starting from my native. Thanks to the New Year party, we over slept and could only leave by 1 PM :D. By than my family members had already reached the water falls, my dad gave me the directions to the place and  hung up saying will see you in an hour :D. [because he thought I was already half way... you guys have any idea why he thought like that... ;) ]

It was full rip session for the next  3 hours, post Hoskote we hit the under construction NH-4 which was pretty empty, we stopped for small break some where before Kolar.

Flashback,2 years back on a special trip we had stopped here, the place was differentthan.

By now the time was 2:45 and Chetu was fuming on me for leaving late. As soon as we left Kolar got a call from Dad asking about our whereabouts, we said we will reach there in 30 more mins max but he asked us they had come back from waterfalls so better for us to meet them in Mulbagal on their way back.But we said anyways will catch them  near water falls and hung up. After Mulbagal we hit some forest area, the roads were narrow but very well laid out, the ride was good but it was getting frustrating as it was almost 4 PM and we didn't reach the water falls.

Finally, at 4 when we reached the waterfalls we were invited by hundreds of  people, we very quite shocked because we thought this place was not so famous so it would be pretty empty. It was like an fair , after some off roading we  joined our family who looked very exhausted. Thought we will get mouth full but they were busy having lunch :D.

Later they narrated about their experience about the falls, the falls was around 2 kms trek from the parking lot through some tough terrain and with all the crowd it took them total of 2 hours to to go and come back. So us visiting the water falls was gone :-( Chetu gave me this stare which made me run for cover :D. My dad convinced her we can visit this place some other time and we had lunch and decided we will visit Kurudamale Maha Ganapathi Temple on our way back. After visiting the temple , we headed back to my native.

[ Quote from wiki:
Kurudamale Maha Ganapathi Temple: Situated north west at 8 km from Mulbagal. This place is famous for Lord Ganapathi Temple.the Idol of the lord ganapathi is made of single " Saligrama rock " and the height is about 21.Ft from the ground level , & This Idol as well as temple is told to be 5000 yrs old.

Now few pics

Kurudumale Temple
Kurudumale Temple

Friday, November 26, 2010

In Love again: Canon 500 D

Thanks to my sister :) she gifted me a Canon 500D. Its been a while since I got it.

I am completely in love with it. Got it from Foto Circle, Bangalore. Will post few pictures very soon. Lot of trips in pipeline, stay tuned :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yamaha R15 Recall, replaced Radiator assembly

Update on R15

Its been a while since my last posting.

Last month got a call from Yamaha asking me to replace the Radiator assembly as Yamaha was providing a free upgrade. Tried asking what exactly was the problem but the lady on the call had minimal or zero knowledge about the problem.

One week later surprisingly the over heating LED started Turing red, checked the coolant level, it was a bit low topped it up but the problem was the same. Thanks to my busy schedule was not able to visit the showroom for close to one month. With my friends help finally got the radiator replaced under warranty. Still unaware what exactly the problem was.

The problem is with some batch of R15 only, get it checked if you haven't yet. The problem may arise any time and Yamaha may have changed there mind by than to replace it for free. Radiator assembly cost 4k.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ride to Somanathapura

After a long time I got a chance to ride out, Thanks to Chetu :) she wanted to spend her Saturday outside Bangalore. I can't say no to her ;-) [Atleast when she say we shall ride out.]

Somanathapura was in to-do list for long time, thought will give a visit. We visited Talakadu as well.

And my bike completed 30k mark :-)

Route Details:
Bangalore - Maddur - Mallavali - Bannur [Take left before] - Somanathapura - Talkadu - Ballegere Mallavali - Bangalore

Total Kms: 290 kms

Roads are not good STILL between Talkadu - Ballegere, rest was Ok. [Not considering the Bangalore - Mysore highway which is Good]

For history on Somanathapura click here and for Talakadu click here

Few pics:

Somanathapura Temple




Cauvery River


Very Shy guy, wanted a pic but refused to pose

30k and still in love with it :)

30k Done! 40k will come soon.

One more wonder full small trip, many more big trips coming this year post August :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going West Coast in search of Peace

Frustration! Frustration! Frustration! This trip was born out of Frustration! Always had West coast in mind, chalked out a plan along with Chethan our very own bike baba and decided on visiting Wayanad, Muzhappilangad driven-in beach, Mangalore, Kodachadri, Sirsi[We couldn't visit this place, read on to know Y?]

Day 0 Sept 28th [Bengaluru - Kalpetta]:
Due to some unavoidable reason we decided to start around 2 PM, plan was to halt in Kalpetta so we could spent the next day around Wayanad. It was a smooth and boring ride till Gundalpet, time was already 5 PM, we knew after 6 we couldn't enter the Bandipura forest area. Started pushing a bit, we crossed the check post around 6:15 PM.

After Entering forest range

The roads were beautiful and very scenic, it was full rip session till the natural lights went out. There was a big traffic jam near Sulthan Bathery check post, we some how came out of it very quickly and took a small Coffee break. We hit Kalpetta around 8 PM, looked out for some hotels and finally checked in to The Woodlands hotel which had a private, secure parking. Ended the day with the following.

Energy Drinks :D

Yummy food

Route: Bengaluru - Mysore- Gundlapet - Sulthan Bathery- Kalpetta
Distance: 278 Kms
Route Map Link

Day1 Waynada

Today's plan was to visit the main places around Kapletta, lazy started around 9 after having the breakfast in the Woodlands hotel.

Places around Kalpetta

Places around Kalpetta and Distance

The first place we visited was Karappuzha Earth Dam

Way to Karappuzha Earth Dam

Dam from some distance


The other side of the Dam

Old hut near Dam

Next was Edakkal caves, here we want to take small jeep [roller coaster] ride which will take us to the base of the Edkkal caves from where we need to trek for 300 mts.

Want some?

Edakkal caves, trek

Edakkal caves, trek

Inside Edakkal caves

Inside Edakkal caves, Chethan posing

From here we can again trek another 400 mtrs up and see the whole of wayanad but we were in no mood because it would take another 45 mins, so dropped the plan. We trekked down, and took the Jeep drive back to the place where we had parked our bikes, the jeep drive was very good. I have a video of it will, watch out for the video section.

Next we headed to Meenmutty waterfalls, the entry fee here is bit wierd, for 1-10 persons it 300 Rs with guide. Guide said it was 1 kms trek but guess it was more, this trek had everything from rope to no support steep slippery way.

Lonely tree

Getting down using a rope

First view of fall


This is way back up

One more

By the time we came back, we were completely drained, gulped a bottle of butter milk and rested for some time.

We continued to the next place, with no place in mind we were waiting for some board to show up, the roads were too good to stop.


We got some checkpost, we paid a entry fee of Rs.7 and we crossed it only to know we were heading towards Ooty, turned back saying 'next time'. The roads were too good to stop.

We made a stop near some place which is very close to Chembra peak and refueled ourselves with 1 biryani and omlet each. We knew Chembra would be hard to trek considering what we had gone 1 hour back. So we headed towards Soochipara falls, we say a board which read Kanthanpara falls 3 kms, so we took a diversion to check it out. This is what we saw.

Initially we thought this was the falls

Kanthanpara falls

Kanthanpara falls

This place was uncrowded and kind of nice, after spending some time we headed back towards, Soochipara falls.

We need to walk 2kms or so to reach the falls, this is what we saw while we were on our way to the falls.

Chethan named it Double Decker :D

Falls from distance

Falls closeup

From here we headed back to hotel, it was 5:30 already, we saw a board reading Pookot lake 5 kms, we thought we shall give it a try but when we reached there it was already closed. So we headed back to hotel.

This was a very tiring day with so much trekking and we had covered 130 kms.

Day 2: Kalpetta - Vythiri- Banasura Sagar DAM [-Manthavady-Nedumpoyil-Koothuparambu-Thalasheri]

Today's plan was to visit Banasura Sagar dam via Vythiri, which rockkyy[Xbhpian] had suggested and head towards the drive in beach near Thalasheri. Thanks rockkyy the roads were very good and scenic. We checkedout of hotel around 9 and headed towards Vythiri.

First view of Banasura Sagar Dam

Beautiful Dams

We parked our bikes outside the entrance of dam and carried all our luggage hoping we can drop it some where and visit the place, lucky we dropped all the luggage in the ticket counter and waited for the jeep to takes to the Dam. The distance was not more than a Km but we were in no mood to walk, we waited for the jeep for 20 mins which finally came, we boarded the jeep along with a couple and kid. The place was very less crowded which made the place more beautiful.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Speed Boating

Banasura Sagar Dam

So our next destination was drive-in beach. Finally it started raining, than i realized i had forgot to get rain gear for my bag which I had tied on the pillion seat. Went to some shop and got two big covers which worked well through out the trip.

Bike all set for rain ride.

Traffic jam.

Finally around 4 we reached Muzhappilangad drive in beach, this is the only and longest drive in beach in Kerala.

Muzhapilangad Drive in Beach

Palm shore resort adjacent to beach

We dumped in all our luggage in the room we got in the resort which was adjacent to the beach and came back running to ride in the beach again ;).

Chethan riding

We could easily ride upto speed of 70 kmphr without any difficulties but if you stop the bike for more than a min this would happen

Tire got struck


Two bikes

Darmaland Island

We were in the beach till 6, later we went into near by town to get booze and some snacks as we had skipped our lunch. We came back by 7, order food and we spent rest of the day wandering on the beach, chatting with resort owner and his friend till 11. [Ask chethan more about this :D]. This place was very beautiful, we could hear to the wave even when we were in the room and this place is visited less by tourist I guess, as we saw only around 100 people many of them were locals.

View from resort entrance

Road to resort

Day 3: Muzhappilangad - Kasaragood - Mangalore
Distance: 170 kms

First thing in the morning we washed the bikes and lubed the chains. It had started raining, after a short while we stopped to have breakfast.

Breakfast for the day.

Next stop was at Kasaragod, the roads were pretty Ok here but it was raining non stop. When we reached Bekal fort it was almost afternoon. This place is beautiful, its a must visit place. Lets the pics do the talking.

Entrance of Bekal Fort

After entering Bekal Fort

View Of ocean

Me posing

Both posing

Beach we couldn't visit

This place was beautiful, Forts with greenery and ocean made it more beautiful. Spent enough time and left towards Mangalore.

Now rain started to pour down heavily, so did the average speed.

Roads got worse and to add to that the rains never stopped. We reached Mangalore by 4:30
PM but it took us 30 mins to search for the guest house we had booked for. Thanks to the locals, we were rounding the guest us but no one told the right location. Finally some school kid showed us the way. We decided not to visit the beach instead we shall go some nice place and have good dinner.

After riding through pathetic roads we decided not to take updpi road to reach Kodachadri instead go through agumbe. One of the many best decison (:D) we took in the trip. And we decided to skip Sirsi, as even if we had visited Sirsi we couldnt have visited many places. So Sirsi we decided to visit next time.

We had a heavy dinner came back around 10 and crashed for the day. We could visit only one place today but it was worth it.

Day 4: Mangalore - Agumbe - Kodachadri
Distance: 210 kms

D Day for me, had waited for this day for more than a year. The plan for the day was to visit beach in Mangalore and head towards Kodachadri via Agumbe. I would like to put up more pictures than text to share my experience, Hmm I would tell this was one HELL of a experience.

Morning 7 AM we headed towards the beach, it was raining but it did not stop us from visiting it.

Beach, rain, so all the gears still On

We came back to the guest house, packaged up things and left by 10 AM. It was smooth ride till Agumbe.

Some where before Agumbe and rain

Base of Agumbe

Some where in the Hills

By the time we reached the top it was around 1 PM but the view was like this which was hard to believe it was 1 in afternoon.

At the top. Isn't it Beautiful.

At the top.

Wish I could have spend some more time but the time was running out, we had to reach Kodachadri before sun disappeared. When we inquired about the route towards Kodachadri, to our shock the guy said it was more 100 kms. Left immediately and headed towards Thirthahalli, the rain had eased a bit when we reached Thirthahalli, had lunch and inquired about the route, was not convinced by what local guys suggested, called up Akhil and asked for the direction who was a great help in directing in the right direction. Thank you Sir :D.

As soon as we left Thirthahalli, we came across a board which read Kodachadri 68 kms, there was big smile on our faces, started ripping. Time 3:30 PM, Ok roads, raining lightly.

Finally reached the base of kodachadri at 4:45 PM. Locals there suggested us to take the jeep as it was too dangerous to go now and we came to know the guest house was under re-innovation and Battara mane was full. We had only two options either halt in kodachadri base and ride up early morning or ride up. But I was very eager to ride up, convinced chetan some how and we started around 5:15 PM.

Before the Hell-Heaven starts

Just after half kms of riding up

At this stage chetan asked whether we need to continue or head back. I said lets continue, even though my heart was pumping like mad. The rain had started, the fog started to cover us and the light was fading. Finally at 6:15 PM we reached the top. It was raining very heavily and the fog was too much to see anything.

I was thinking what made me ride up at this time, chetan wanted to ride down but I didn't have the balls to do that. It was very hard to convince him but I do the convincing very well you see. Finally spoke with the battarmane guys and got place for 2 of us to sleep.

Look at the fog and my tires :D

This is where we stayed for the night.

Warming up

Our bikes are right after the last pillar

Around 8 PM inside the house

Close up, can u see the devil

I should say, this is the craziest thing I had done so far.People were surprised and obviously shocked to know we had come in bike. The asked about our trip, we had nice dinner and tried sleeping but we could hardly sleep in the cloud.

We some how got the signal and were able to contact Arjun from XBHP, he had planned to come to kodachadri the next day, but hearing our story he ditched the plans and said he will wait for us in Shimoga so we can ride back to Bangalore. So we decided we will leave early around 6 AM and tried sleeping again but in vain.

We were awake before the alarm could go off, chetan asked to come out and have a look outside, hmm there was nothing to see as we couldn't see anything because of the fog and it was raining heavily. We thought we would wait for some more time and time was 7:00 AM and the conditions were same. Our mobile batteries were very low by now and even we couldn't get network coverage. Finally we decided hell with the rain and fog and decided to make a move. Payed the bill, to our surprise it was 150 Rs for stay and (super) food.

As we left, we were drenched in 5 mins and we didn't care about the rain or fog. We enjoyed the ride down very much. But I have to say it, it was the toughest, craziest thing I had done in a long while. My bike turning radius or the tires didn't help me a bit. Chethan looked comfortable riding his P200 but I had to consider the ground clearance, the slippery tires because of the slush.

Morning while coming back.

Chetan had enough of the rain by now.

Fog gone at one stage.

Green patch

Rocky ride

Look at the bikes

We headed towards shimoga, the roads were very bumpy and it was drizzling continuously. We wanted to catch the ferryboat at one place and head towards shimoga, this ferryboat saved us like 30 kms and more than 1 hour.

The batteries in our mobiles very dead by now and we 't contact Arjun who was waiting for us in Shimoga. Sorry a lot buddy.

We waited for the ferryboat for 20 mins, I was excited a lot because this was the other thing I had in my mind from long time. Travel in ferryboat with my bike.

Ferryboat arrives

Chetan bike

My bike

And we left

The ferry journey was for 15 mins but it was lot of fun for me. Me and chetan were at opposite ends looking after our bikes. It cost us less than 20 Rs. Cheapiest transport I guess.

We made one more stop at Shimoga at some hotel, recharged our mobiles and ourselves, dried up clothes as the sun was out finally. Left shimoga by 4 PM.

Drying up. :D

We were in Bangalore around 8:30 PM, tired, happy and wanted a very good nap.

Last Pic of the trip

What a trip it was, total 1400 kms, 700 kms of rain ride, Ghats, Beaches, Fog, Hills, ferry ride and a found a great friend in Chetan.