Tuesday, August 16, 2011

V Ride to Ooty

It was our first Anniversary and the idea was to ride out of the city. Was hard to convince my parents as we decided to ride (not drive :D) finally they agreed with a big speech. This was Chetu's first long ride so we decided to stay a day in Mysore so that she will not get strained out in the first day of the trip.
Route Plan: Bangalore -  Mysore - Ooty

Day 1: Plan for the day was to leave early, visit Srirangapatna and reach Mysore, in the evening visit the palace. 

Could leave only by 7:30 AM and encountered traffic on Mysore road quite often. With one breakfast stop at Shivalli MTR reached Srirangapatna. Headed towards Ranganathaswamy temple, it was too crowded but still decided to go in. The temple is well maintained inside.

Some pics.

History of Ranganathaswamy Temple

Temple Entrance Crowded

Inside Temple

Inside Temple

Loooong Queue

Right next to the temple Colonel Bailey's Dungeon, where Tipu held the British Prisoners. Few pics. 

About Colonel Bailey's Dungeon

Top View

Where the prisoners were chained

Like this :D

We headed towards Gumbuz but we were lost and exited the town, we thought we will visit on our way back as it was too hot. Few pics on our way out of the town.

This is where Tipu was found dead 

Way Out

 We reached Mysore around 2 PM, had lunch and checked into the service apartment we had booked. Rested for a while watching TV and around 6:00 PM left to Palace, as it was Sunday, the Palace was lighted up. Reached Palace around 6:50 PM.

As soon as the lights were switched on there was a big roar from the crowd,indeed it looked beautiful.

Crowded Entrance




Royal Pigeons staying in Palace :D
Headed back to the apartment but got lost very soon :D After lot of rights and lefts reached the place where we had our lunch, had the dinner at the same place and headed towards the apartment which was very nearby.

Mysore is indeed as beautiful city, if opportunity arises will surely shift to Mysore :) 

Day 2: We left around 7 AM and in no time we were out of Mysore and we headed towards Nanjangudu. We stopped there for 30 mins. Few pics.

We headed back to the Gundalpet route, with one stop in Gundalpet for breakfast we continued towards ooty.

We entered the Bandipur forest range and we saw few deers.

Beautiful roads 

Narrow lonely roads

Deers spotted

Spot the deer

Once we reach Bandipur Theppakadu junction, there are two routes to reach Ooty. 

One via Masinagudi , which is shorter but with steep climb and hairpin bends (36 of them) . The other is via Gudalur, the regular bus route to Ooty, which is longer but scenic. 

We had decided we take the Shorter route while going, I was very excited because of the 36 hair pin bends and obviously Chetu was a bit tensed when we started but she started enjoying once we crossed the first 10 bends.

As we passed through the Madumalia forest we were lucky enough to see some elephants (from some distance ;-) ).  

It was a awesome feeling to pass through the forest at slow speed, the breeze, silence was great.

And the 36 hair pin road starts.. 

Some where in between. Turn 16/36

Last turn :)

As we neared Ooty, the temperature had dropped and the weather was awesome. 

It was around 12:15 when we reached the resort we had booked. (Shrelock

The property was very good, we finished our lunch and roam around in the Ooty city and came back before it was dark. 

The next day on our First Anniversary, we visited the lake, 

Went on toy train to Connor, the fare was very cheap. 

Waiting for the train

We met a couple on the train with there cute kid who were from Chennai, we visited most of the places with them in Connor 

Sims park

Cute Kid

Sims Park

Enroute to Dolphins Nose

Dolphins Nose

New friends left after we visited Coonoor

We took bus ride back to ooty from Coonoor, did some shopping in Ooty and were back by 7. 

The hotels guys arranged for a candle night dinner for us which was very special. 

We checked out the next morning after a heavy breakfast and headed toward Bangalore, we had few places in mind to visit. 

Review on Hotel Sherlock,
Located 5 kms outside Ooty,  a very nice property, best part is the food, even though a bit expensive but everything was so perfect. They had three cooks who prepared different cuisines. They were growing all the vegetables next to there property. I would recommend it. The hotel is managed by Little Earth

On our way back, we visited some places and we reached Bangalore by 6 PM. Over all it was a great trip,